Kemikler Köyü Mevkii Milas Bodrum Karayolu 48200 Milas Muğla - Türkiye T: +90 252 559 0283 F: +90 252 559 0287
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Our biggest desire is to distinguish ourselves with a friendly service approach in addition to our healthy, economic and rich range of products
  • The expertise exhibited on each stage of production chain of Kılıç Deniz acts in concert with the production assured by international health and quality certifications. With the addition of the philosophy of selfless devotion to our work, "daily fresh" fish is provided our consumers
  • Daily fresh cooled sea bream, sea bass, Fangri and dentex
  • Filleted products
  • Seasonal sea fish varieties
  • Top quality frozen sea foods like shrimp, calamari, anchovy and octopus
  • Marine products bringing health, hygiene, quality and best flavour together under Kılıç guarantee and assurance

After Bodrum and İzmir, our plans also include opening retail stores in largest cities of Turkey, like İstanbul, Ankara and Antalya.

Our goal is to establish a retail fish store chain in order to foster a fish eating culture in Turkey and thus promote a healthy diet for fish products for everyone