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Experienced management team of Kılıç Holding imagines and develops modern, aesthetic, unique, cutting edge and architecturally refined details in each new project.

Kılıçhan İnşaat was found to carry out and coordinate the projecting and construction works of Kılıç Holding companies. Starting its operations in 2004, the company swiftly completed its initial organization process, and rapidly proved its worth by displaying a successful trend in project preparation and construction operations it carried out for holding companies.

In the course of these projects, the company has completed both projecting works and turnkey construction works at Kılıç Holding main facilities as well as other affiliated units.

Main Facility:
Product packaging, processing and second phase office building
EPS packaging production facility and warehouse
Cold air storage, fish market, dining hall and kitchen buildings
Third phase office building construction

Feed Factory:
Extruder feed production facility and storage units

Bafa Fingerling Production Facility:
Second phase fingerling production facility

Shock frozen goods market and storages, and office building
Villa Kılıç Hotel

Construction of 20 luxury villas on 22,500 m2 of land at Yokuşbaşı Place, Bodrum

On Milas-Bodrum Motorway:
Shopping mall construction on 60,000 m2 of land (currently in project stage.)

Agriculture and Stockbreeding Dairy Cattle Project construction
Agriculture and Stockbreeding Administrative Building construction

Kahramanmaraş Trout Hatchery construction
Kahramanmaraş Processing & Packaging Facility construction