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Sea bream and sea bass fingerlings, produced in hatcheries in Bafa, Oren, Akarca and Guvercinlik of Kılıç Deniz, are settled to 20 m-dia-HDPE cages by transporting into fingerling plants in cage establishments when they reach to 3 – 5 kg weight.

Fingerlings are fed with 5-8 times depending on the water temperature.

From the fingerlings reaching to 30-40 gr weight after a great attention, sea breams are transported to 30-50 meter-dia-HDPE cages equipped with special nets for them. And then, they are sent to growing plants. This process is performed to remove the size difference, which may be come out in the future, and to provide a healthy growing.

Due to the fact that sea bass is more sensitive to diseases than sea bream, they are vaccinated one by one with the injection method when they reach to 30-50 gr. After this process, they are measured, counted and transported to 30-50 meter-dia-HDPE cages. And then, they are sent to growing plants as sea bream.

100% of the growing plants are off-shore system. The units have technology using automatic feeding systems and underwater and surface cameras. Both underwater and surface controls are performed in this system by experienced engineer, diver and experts with a great attention and self-devotion.

As different species, the production of dentex, common sea bream and bream has been started and these fishes have been represented for markets. The test production has been continued for striped seabream, silver sillago and corb.

The feeds, the most important factor for the fish growing, are supplied with the brand of Aqua K from Kılıç Feed Factory within Kılıç Deniz group.

Aquaculture - Fish Farming
Aquaculture - Fish Farming
Aquaculture - Fish Farming

Sea bass reaches to portion size for 16 – 22 months and sea bream reaches to this level for 13 – 14 months. They are sent to packaging plant within the holding to present for markets.

In cage establishments, all the transactions, from the hatchery to packaging stage, are recoded and the fishes are monitored in all systems.

Kılıç Deniz Cage Establishments assumes a principal to follow the environment regulations, to keep the effects for environment pollution under control and to decrease this pollution and harm into minimum level. These establishments hold certificates of ISO 14001 Environment Management System