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Kılıç works to elevate Turkish and regional stockbreeding to international standards.

Our agricultural activities are divided into sub-sectors of vegetal production, stockbreeding and fishery.

In agricultural sub-sector of aquaculture Kılıç Holding is the top producer in Turkey, and top producer of fingerlings in Europe.

In scope of European Union membership process, Turkey intends to expand the capacity of its stockbreeding sector. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also promotes investments in this fields by offering incentives to companies in agriculture and stockbreeding sector, like Kılıç. The purpose of this campaign is to increase production of European standard breeding, dairy and meat stocks in Turkey.

Kılıç Holding's investment in 480 heads of dairy cattle aims to produce heifers with high genetic potential and free of diseases like tuberculosis and brucella to meet current demand in Turkey.

Further stages of this project will include development of regional stockbreeding sector by leasing these heifers on contract to farmers who wish to engage in stockbreeding with a minimum stock of 25 heads. Thus, development of high quality dairy and meat stock production compliant with European Union criteria will be promoted.

The enterprise shall engage in hygienic dairy production (European standard of somatic cell count). The milk obtained from the cows will be sold to factories as cooled raw milk. In addition, produced steers will be grown and sold in meat market as livestock.

The generated animal manure will be used in organic fertilizer production, and this fertilizer will be used organic fertilization of agricultural production fields.

With the use of environmentally harmless organic fertilizer an environment friendly operation will be established.

Agriculture and Stockbreeding
Agriculture and Stockbreeding
Agriculture and Stockbreeding

This investment in 480 heads of dairy cattle will provide direct employment for 25 people including agricultural engineers, veterinaries and unit personnel. In addition the enterprise is expected to be a buyer of raw materials including coarse feeds like corn silage, clover, vetch, trefoil and hay, as well as concentrated feeds line wheat, barley and corn, supporting approximately 1,000 independent farmers producing these raw materials on their own land. The vegetal produce of approximately 10,000 acres of land will turn into dairy and meat products in this enterprise, thus providing added value to national economy