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Kılıç Holding follows up and implements latest developments.

In awareness of the responsibility of being the pioneer and leading company of its sector, Kılıç Holding implements a Human Resources Policy which approaches each employee as a unique value

Kılıç Holding employees are;
  • Open to technologic developments and change,
  • Aware of the fact that teamwork can overcome any problem,
  • Loyal to their work and workplace,
  • Fully aware of the responsibility and justifiably proud of being a part of this company,
  • Members of a family who places great importance in environment and ethical values.

Technologic development and change
Our holding follows up and implements latest technologic developments. As a part of this process of development and change, our employees also contribute to this implementation and continuously renew themselves, rather than trying to resist change.

Being a team member
Based on the idea that many hands make hard work easy, Kılıç Holding employees embrace team spirit as a main principle of success, and all employees act as a part of the team rather than individual players.

Loyalty to work and workplace
Our employees act with a sense of belonging, in full awareness of the fact that fulfilling their responsibilities towards their work and their workplace is one of the main principles of Kılıç Holding.

Carrying the pride of being a Kılıç Holding employee
All our employees carry the justified pride of being a part of a continuously growing and developing Kılıç Holding, and each one of them endeavours to set an example with their actions and their work discipline.

Respecting environment and ethical values
The importance Kılıç Holding places in environment and ethical values is well appreciated and embraced by our employees, and thus integrity of practice in all fields of operation is ensured.

Employees are family
We see each employee who looks after their work and their workplace as a part of our family. It is a fact that employees who perform the duties they undertake in time and correctly has a great role in our successes.