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Kılıç Holding practices ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

The fact that 7 of the approximately 250 ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System Certifications granted by TSE in all sectors in Turkey to date were awarded to our facilities is one of the greatest indicators of our respect for environment and society

As a globally recognized and practiced common quality standard, ISO 14001 helps Kılıç Holding products to be accepted and gain prestige in global markets. The main goals of this system are as follows;

  • To minimize the adverse effects on environment in order to increase environmental performance,
  • To improve cost control in order to decrease expenditures and increase productivity,
  • To be prepared for emergencies (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) and accidents in order to minimize losses,
  • To control potential pollution sources and to prevent pollution,
  • To control material and energy inputs in order to increase savings,
  • To raise environmental awareness by personnel trainings,
  • To promote higher consumer awareness by responding to environmental expectations of the consumer.